Watch Ian Kiernan AO, Australian of the Year and founder of Clean Up Australia, talk about Australia’s new Marine Parks.

“You know I’ve heard some people claim that recreational fishers are going to be locked out of a third of Australia’s waters by these new Marine Parks. I reckon that’s garbage. Let me tell you why.”

Ian Kiernan AO, Chairman, Clean Up Australia

Marine Parks – Great for Australia

Australia has a coastal lifestyle that we’re proud of. Naturally we want to pass it onto our kids in good shape, so creating new Marine Parks in Commonwealth waters has been a pretty popular decision.

Unfortunately some ‘information’ out there about the new Marine Parks isn’t accurate. In some cases it’s just plain misleading. Here, we provide you with the information to make up your own mind about these new Marine Parks. We think you’ll find it’s all pretty reasonable stuff.

Recreational Fishing Map

“On this map, the blue shows areas where recreational fishing will be unaffected by the new Marine Parks. Further, the shaded areas not only show where recreational fishing is allowed but also where commercial bottom trawling, gillnetting or oil exploration will no longer occur.”

“Once you get past some of the scare tactics we’re hearing, it all looks pretty reasonable.”