The Science Behind the Proposed Marine Parks Network

Some people are saying there is no science behind the proposed Commonwealth Marine Parks. Plainly, that’s a load of garbage. Sure it might be complicated stuff – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Have a look at this great explanation by Professor Nic Bax and Ian Cresswell, both from Australia’s foremost Science Agency, CSIRO. They really hit the nail on the head with gems such as:

“The science behind the Commonwealth Marine Reserves network, and marine bioregional planning in general, has been consistently and independently provided to Australian governments for at least 10 years. Claims that the CMR network is not based on science are either incorrect or misdirected.”

Read their whole article here.

And it’s not only scientists of CSIRO that throw their weight behind the science of the proposed Marine Parks. Australia’s peak marine science body, the Australian Marine Sciences Association representing over 1,000 marine scientists, also reckons Marine Parks are an essential part of keeping our oceans healthy. You can read their statement online here.